Charlwood Pre-School

Where children love to learn and play


“My daughter went to Charlwood Pre-school and my Son is now there.  At the pre-school they provide a really loving, safe environment for the children to grow and become more independent.  Both of my children loved and still love being there, I am always confident and happy in the knowledge that the staff work really hard to give the children a fun way of learning through play.”  Lisa James – Parent

“Hooray it’s a Pre-School day” is a regular phrase in our house. My two daughters have loved every minute of going to Charlwood Pre-School. They come home excited about new things they’ve done that day, they’ve clearly had fun with their friends and can’t wait for tomorrow. The staff are honest, caring and well experienced and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Ginny – Parent 2009-2013

" Looking for a pre school for my daughter was a daunting task. However having visited a number of pre schools as soon as we walked into Charlwood I became aware of the warm and friendly environment. My daughter soon settled in and it wasn't long before she chatted about the teachers and other children.  I have always found the teaching staff to be approachable and professional and I know we will miss them when my daughter starts big school in September. I believe with their help my daughter has had the best introduction to her start in education" – Shelley – Parent


" All four of my children have been through Charlwood pre school & I can honestly say they have thrived there. A couple of them also went to other more commercial nurseries but much preferred the Charlwood one. I know that when I leave my child there I am leaving them in a stimulating, enjoyable, playful & very caring environment where the staff's attention to the children & the kindness & care they show them equals that that they would receive at home. In the years that my children have been there I would also say the environment & staff are continually trying to improve themselves - I know of the educational courses undertaken by staff frequently & the continual plans & improvements to the physical environment. It is not a pre school that relaxes into its already well established good reputation but strives to continually develop." Natalie Burling - Parent


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