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About Our Staff

Helen Hill – Supervisor, Paediatric First Aider, Keyperson

I have been part of Charlwood Pre-School since 1994, initially as a parent and committee member, then as a key worker and now as the Supervisor.
I am married and have two children.  Before starting our family I was a primary school teacher for twelve years and when I returned to work it was great to be able to join Charlwood Pre-School and include my children as well.

My children are now older and left Pre-School many years ago, but I am still here as I love the job and I couldn’t think of a lovelier place to do it.  Charlwood Pre-School is like a big family, everyone looks after each other, cares for each other and I am sure this is felt by the children attending, as they always seem to be looking out for each other.

One of the enjoyable parts of the job is welcoming a 2½ year old toddler to Pre-School when they are usually a little shy and over come and watch and help them develop over the two years with us into confident, motivated children ready to take on BIG school and all the opportunities it gives.  It is a real privilege to be part of such a well-qualified and motivated team.

Gemma Edgar – Dep. Supervisor, Safeguarding head, Paediatric First Aider, Keyperson

After qualifying in 2005 with a level 3 diploma in childcare and education I went on to be a Nanny. In 2007 I joined the Pre-school as Deputy Supervisor. In 2009 I took some time out to raise my two children. In 2015 when my youngest joined the Pre-school I decided to resume my role.

Since joining the Pre-school I have gone on to train as designated safeguarding officer completing module 1 and 2 and completing paediatric first aid.

I have loved coming back to Pre-school, training in new areas, and being part of the development of the children helping and watching them grow.

Heidi Peters – Key-person and SENco

I have been part of the Pre-school team since 2014, but before that I was involved over many years as a parent helper, serving the Committee and assisting as and when needed to cover any staff absences.

This has been my first job after a 14-year break to bring up my 4 children who all eagerly attended the Pre-school. After combining college and home study in 2015 I gained a CACHE certificate in Early Years.

I love my job and being part of the team. Every day is different and you never stop learning. Watching the children grow in confidence and in their abilities, listening to their wonderful stories and observing their enthusiasm and enquiring minds is such a privilege to see.

Mari-Clare Savage – Key-person

I have been involved with Charlwood School since my first child was 3 years old and she is now at university! Time really does fly! All 4 of my children had the most wonderful time in Charlwood Pre-school before moving on to the the main school and thriving there as well.

My role as a keyperson means that I can spend time helping and educating children and that is what I love doing. I am also fortunate to have a supportive and forward thinking group of colleagues to work with and I really do love coming to work!

I graduated with a degree in English some years ago and then did my PGCE which took me into primary school teaching. I took a break to bring up my four children and then returned to the Pre-school environment. I also hold a qualification in BSL British Sign Language, which may come in useful one day.

At home, we have lots of animals and I am passionate about looking after creatures and the countryside. At Pre-school we bring the natural world into the curriculum as much as possible and I think the children love this hands-on approach to learning.

Vicky Murphy - Key-Person

I have worked at Charlwood-Pre-School since 2008 but had been involved prior to then as a parent.  Both of my children thoroughly enjoyed their time at pre-school and look back with fond memories.

Before having children I worked within the corporate training and development sector for many years.  After I got married and had children I started to volunteer and help out with some of their activities and schools.  Being with all the children, helping and having fun with them was something that I loved. 

I was lucky enough to begin work at Charlwood Pre-school, initially to cover maternity leave, but quickly became a permanent member of staff and haven’t looked back!  It’s a great place to work and has a warm, friendly, family atmosphere, which the children love just as much as the staff!  My role is varied and very enjoyable, I particularly enjoy seeing how much the children progress and develop in the two years they are with us.  Watching them achieve individual milestones and build in confidence whilst having fun, is great.   By the time they leave us, the children are ready to enjoy all that Big School has to offer.  Their special memories and key-worker assessments are given to them in a book to help the children remember their time with us. During my time at Pre-school I have attained a Level 3 in Children’s & Young Peoples Workforce Diploma plus other specialised courses. 


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